A comparison that might surprise quite a few fans.

Red Bull and Ferrari are not so different: Adrian Newey's word. The ingenious engineer creator of the Anglo-Austrian single-seaters that are dominating the last Formula 1 seasons spoke in the round for the 'Talkin Bull' podcast, revealing that several solutions he adopted for the RB19 are very reminiscent of those of the SF-23 designed in Maranello.

"When I first saw the new regulations I was downcast, but then I realized that there was considerable room for maneuver," Newey noted. The result was that we made quite different single-seaters, and in Red Bull we developed our own concept. Ferrari's is quite similar, while in Mercedes they followed a very different path."

"Engineering and car development depend on new ideas being born. That is why in Red Bull we keep all employees in contact with each other as much as possible. So everyone is quiet when they have an idea to come up with, and when they turn out to be useful it's wonderful. At that point we all develop them together," Newey concluded.

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