Luciano Spalletti's words.

Luciano Spalletti returned to speak at the Bearzot Award ceremony: "The temptation of the Champions League should be experienced totally, we are looking forward to going there to compare. These are beautiful things, which at 64 years of age have never happened to me. The players also have to be careful, because these matches are incredibly beautiful. It's important to understand that on nights like these you don't bring in the past, but you have to know how to start from scratch each time. "

"Our players risk with the euphoria of results to feel fulfilled, and this is the worst enemy we can have. On this I often make speeches expressing the fear that attention and stimulus will drop. They then, all the time, look at me at the end of the game to say 'did you see that it's not like that?' They really are made of a different dough...."

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